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Davis Revised 9/21/11 -Colonel Austin O. Davis; Change of Command 32nd FIS, Fighter Interceptor Squadron Camp New Amsterdam on Soesterberg AFB The Netherlands, William R. Tyler, Seaborn P. Foster, Colonel A. J. Marinus, Baron Van Nagell, Mayor of Zeist, Mr. Stolk; F100 Wreck with TV Tower Smilde Holland; 1968 Loadeo Champion, RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, England

Colonel Austin O. Davis, 32nd FIS, Fighter Interceptor Squadron Camp New Amsterdam on Soesterberg AFB The Netherlands, William R. Tyler, Seaborn P. Foster, Colonel A. J. Marinus, Baron Van Nagell, Mayor of Zeist, Mr. Stolk, Jet Wreck

Colonel Davis kept some great pictorial records of his Air Force career. This particular notebook was at the height of the Cold War and thanks to him we have a record of the people of that time. We and Europe owe men like Colonel Davis and our military during this period our thanks for changing these oppressed societies into the vibrant democracies we see today.

This is one of his notebook pertaining to the Change of Command for of the 32nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron (FIS) stationed at Camp New Amsterdam on Soesterberg Air Force Base, Colonel A. J. Marinus Base Commander.

Colonel Daniel C. Perry delegated the Command of the Squadron to Colonel Austin Davis on Tuesday, July 16, 1968. Col Davis had been Director of Operations at Headquarters 29th Air Division, (ADC), Duluth International Airport, Minnesota. Colonel Perry was leaving to be assigned Commander for test evaluation at the Air Defense Weapons Center (ADC) at Tyndall AFB, Florida.

There were many dignitaries present for this occasion. William R. Tyler, Ambassador to the Netherlands; Mr. Seaborn P. Foster, US Consul General from Rotterdam; Col. AJ Marinus, commander of Soesterberg Air Base; Baron and Baroness Van Nagell of Doorn and Mayor of Zeist, Mr. Stolk.

I will be adding more photos, information and captions in the next few days: First solo in a F-102;

Change of Command. Outgoing Commander Colonel Daniel C. Perry shaking hands with Commodore F. E. Broers of the Netherlands

Colonel Austin O. Davis, Colonel Daniel C.. Perry, Lt Colonel F. G. H. Droste (Commander NSN, Den Helder) and Mrs. Droste

Major Knops, Colonel Nugen, Colonel Perry, Colonel Marcum, Mrs. Marcum

Colonel Nugen, Colonel Perry and Ambassador Tyler

Mrs Mary Perry, Colonel Davis and Ambassador Tyler

Colonel Perry, Baroness Van Nagell, Brigadier General Ellis

Colonel Davis, Mrs Perry, Mrs. Tyler and Ambassador Tyler

Formal review at the COC  ceremonies

Colonel Davis, Colonel Perry and BG Ellis Walking to reviewing stand

Formal review at the COC ceremonies

Formal review at the COC ceremonies as Col. Perry wife takes 8mm movie of the occasion. I wonder if someone has that film or if it ended up like alot of memories buried with them. Please do not leave historical film and photo to be sorted by your children, they have not the same passion as you in many cases and they usually end up in the dump. To be fair to the children it becomes overwhelming to sort through family movies and photos.  The best thing you do is not leave it to them to dispose. Give it to your state  historical society or one of the major institution like FSU WW2 memorial collection.

Brigadier General Ellis leading Col. Perry and Col Davis up to reviewing stand

BG Ellis, Col. Perry and Col. Davis watch the review from stand. Behind them is Mary Perry, Ambassador Tyler, Libby Davis

Proud moment in Colonel Davis life as he stands shoulder to shoulder with men of stature who dedicated their lives to safeguarding our freedom, a price that we as a country can never say thanks enough times.

Closeup of BG Ellis, Col. Perry and Col Davis

Brigadier General Ellis salutes the new commander of 32nd FIS

This is the program for the USAFE Weapons LOADEO that was held at RAF Lekenheath, Suffolk, England on
August 5-9, 1968

Banquet for the returning winner of the competitions in England Guest of Honor were Lieutenant General Robert N. Smith USAFE, VCINC; Major General Rollin H. Anthis 17 AF, CDR; Major General Lawrence S. Lightner, 3AF, CDR; Brigadier General William D. Dunham, 3AF, Vice Commander; Brigadier General Robert A. Berman,USAFE, DEM; Brigadier General Edmund Edwards,USAFE, IC; Brigadier General Richard N. Ellis, 86AD, CDR; Brigadier General Sanford K. Moats 401 TFW, CDR The guest speaker was Brigadier General William D. Dunham

Biography on Brigadier General William D. Dunham, a highly decorated special guest speaker

Here are the winners of the eleven  Squadrons and wings that participated in the Loadeo competition.

Here is a complete list of all the men that competed:
20th Tactical Fighter Wing, Wethersfield, England; Sgt Raywond or Raymond Kazusky, Jr.,
Sgt Paul S. Christle, Sgt Jon A. Roelofs, A1C Howard R. Austad, Sgt Stanley B. Williams
32nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Camp New Amsterdam, Netherlands;
MSgt Joseph R. Bendekovits, A1C Robert R. Elliot, Sgt Donald L. Smith, A1C Stephen Taylor, A1C Walter W. Smith

36th Tactical Fighter Wing, Eitburg AB, Germany; TSgt Bernard J. Little, Sgt John D. Myers,
Sgt Paul W. Johnson, Sgt Frank W. Cross, Sgt Clifford C. Mercer

43rd Tactical Fighter Wing, RAF Lakenheath, England; TSgt Roy Smith,
SSgt Roy Whitaker, SSgt Donald Geyer, Sgt Warren Stevens, SSgt Jerry Rodgers
50th Tactical Fighter Wing, Hahn AB, Germany; SSgt Curtis E. Johnson, Sgt Dickey L. Caudle,
A1C Michael F. King, Sgt Carlos F. Flores, SSgt James E. Murphy
7272nd Flying Training Wing, Wheelus AB, Libya; SSgt Francis H. Moten,
A1C Richard L. Bangert, A1C George R. Criswell, A1C William Toth, Jr.

81st Tactical Fighter Wing, Bentwaters, England; Sgt Richard A. Von Bartheld,
Sgt David R. Swanson, Sgt Lewis R. Poley, Sgt John E. Evans, MSgt Barney C. Fagan
401st Tactical Fighter Wing, Torrejon AB, Spain; TSgt Johnny N. Jasper,
Sgt Robert N. Williams, SSgt Thomas A. Kyser, SSgt Raymond D. Long, SSgt William A. Hamilton
496TH Fighter Interceptor Sqdn, Hahn, AB, Germany; Sgt Richard A. Tarrant, Sgt Vernon E. Moore,
A1C Ronald L. Peterson, A1C Anthony J. Camuti, Sgt Michael C. Peck

525th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Bitburg, AB, Germany; SSgt Raymond C. Wetherell,
A1C James A. Gillison, Sgt Dennis R. Moore, A1C Kyle L. White, Sgt Allen R. Ehlers

526th Fighter Interceptor Sqdn, Ramstein AB, Germany; Sgt John W. Phillips,
Sgt Andrew J. Turnquist, Sgt Donald Castoldi, Sgt James O. Johnson, Sgt Jon W. Mertz

Below are a few pictures of a F100 that hit a TV tower in Smilde Holland and was able to land safely at Soesterberg AFB, The Netherlands. 

Damage that was done to F100 when it hit a TV tower in Smilde Holland on August 1968

Damage done to the TV tower in Smilde, Northern Holland

Captain Donald E. Smith who was the pilot and to his left Joel T. Hall, his wing man.  Fortunately they were able to land safely at Soesterberg AFB, The Netherlands to recount their harrowing experience.

F100 being inspected as these men seem astonished that it was able to land safely, due to the skill of the two seasoned pilots who were guided with the help of the Dutch Air Traffic Control.

I have no idea what this is about, but I know there is a story behind this, no pun intended.  Sometimes Col. Davis would write captions on back of photos, but in this instance there is nothing, maybe for a reason (smile).

This one has  DING DING "SCADS SAYS "HOW ABOUT THIS?" Number on F102 is TR-673 

On front of jet they have added letters to  spell out U. S Fairy Force

SCADS written on this









This is a ceremony that took place at Hamilton AFB, California on March 30, 1964. I will probably be moving it when I find the notebook it belongs in. I thought it was funny that he is getting a gigantic Captain shoulder insignia, wish I knew what the joke is about, but maybe we find out later.

First solo in the F-102 at Soesterberg after "wise advice" from Lt Col J. P. (Doc) Finch and of course the red carpet

First solo 21 August 1968

Colonel Davis in cockpit in first solo run of the F102

You made it, Congratulations

On the Red Carpet

Checking controls

Getting ready

Lets go!

March 5, 1969, First official visit by General Joseph R. Holzapple, Commander USAFE. Lt. Col. Jaap Broekema met General Holzapple at the airplane.

Major  General Rollen H. Anthis, Commander 17th Air Force and General Holzapple

General Holzapple during his visit to Data Systems and Statistics, briefed by Captain James Pethigal

General Holzapple during his visit to Data Systems and Statistics, briefed by Captain James Pethigal

General Holzapple is briefed by SSgt John D. Mitchell on the life support equipment for F-102 pilots

General Holzapple at 32nd Operations: L or R Colonel Davis, Captain Donald (Don) Brown, General Holzapple and Lt. Colonel Bernie Fischer

Personal letter to Colonel Austin O. Davis from General Joseph R. Holzapple, General  USAF, Commander in Chief, Europe

Colonel Davis on January 28, 1969 is giving a plaque of appreciation from the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing at RAF Lakenheath, England to Major J. Holdijk, Chief of the Soesterberg AB Air Traffic Control Section, for saving the F-100 who made an emergency landing here in August 1969

Dining In, 31 January 1969, Captain Donald R. Brown is awarded the Silver Star, Lt. Col J. P. Finch the first Oak Leaf Cluster to the Distinguished Flying Cross and Second Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal. Award Officer was Captain Carrole Goode.  Guest Speaker was Major General Dick Berlijn, Commander ADC

Arrow Award;  Ken Crocker receives the Silver Arrow award for Wolf during a Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts in Feburary 1969.  Looking on, after receiving Gold and Silver Arrows are James Roberts and Sean McCormick

Arrow Award; Ken Crocker receives the Silver Arrow award for Wolf during a Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts in Feburary 1969. Looking on, after receiving Gold and Silver Arrows are James Roberts and Sean McCormick

Danny Fincher Eagle Scout Award June 6, 1969. Danny Fincher was the first Eagle Scout on Camp New Amsterdam

Letter we received from Danny Fincher who became the first Eagle Scout on CNA (Camp New Amsterdam)

Air Marshall Sir Christopher Foxly Norris, Commander 2 ATAF, accompanied by Commodore Koning, RNLAF (Royal Netherdlands Air Force) represenative are welcomed by Colonel Davis when they paid the 32 FIS a visit on the 22 May 1969.

Air Marshall Sir Norris on left with Commodore Koning, RNLAF on right (unidenified officer in middle)

Memorial Day 30 May 1969, US military cemetary in Margraten. Aerial salute by Royal Dutch Air Force and 32nd FIS

Colonel Davis laying wreath on graves of these

Memorial Day 30 May 1969, US Military Cemetary Margraten

Colonel Davis and unidenifed Lt. General

Memorial Day May 30, 1969 Local cemetary in Est en Opijnen .  In this village 6 American soldiers are buried.  Est en Opijnen is a former municipality in the Dutch province of Gelderland. It existed until 1978, when it was merged with Neerijnen . Before 1818, the municipality was called Opijnen

Letter from the Ambassador William R. Tyler thanking Colonel Davis for presence the cermony and airman of the 32nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron for their participation in the aerial salute

Embosssed arms of the United States on letter addressed to Colonel Davis

Americvan Ambassodor William R. Tyler of the Hague, The Netherlands

Group of Dutch pilots and Mrs. Franciscus Hoppener, wife of RNLAF pilot who was killed, posing with their US Air Force senior and command pilot wings that was presented them during a reception on June 12, 1969.  They had received their flying training in the US during the early 1950's under the US-Netherlands Mutual Defense Assistance Pact of 1949.  these Dutch pilots were members of the first group thus trained and still on active duty.  To be eligible for senior pilot wings, a pilot must have seven years flying experience, 2000 flying hours an a master instrument flying card.  For command pilot wings, the requirements are 15 years experience, 3000 hours and a master insturment card.

Officers receiving senior pilot wings were:
         NAME                           YEAR ENTERED                     ASSIGNMENT AT TIME OF PHOTO
Captain H. Besterveld              1952                                           Leeuwarden (323 Squadron)
Captain H. Krause                    1954                                           Leeuwarden (323 Squadron)
Captain W.M. De Ridder         1954                                           Leeuwarden (323 Squadron)
(Captin H. Besterveld accepted for Capts. Krauss and De Ridder)
Captain H. Terpstra                  1953                                           Twente

Officers receiving Command pilot wings  were:
Major A. Borgsteijn                  1950                                           Volkel
Major J.J. Francois                    1950                                           Luchtmacht Staf School
Major J.P.G.E. Heijboer            1950                                           Luchtmachtstaf
Major F.M. Van Pul                  1950                                           Volkel
Major De Vrig                           1950                                            Germany
Captain S. Van Dijk                  1950                                            Soesterberg
Captain L. R. Walraven

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